Announcing Sponsorship of Electrathon Racing Team

Announcing Sponsorship of Electrathon Racing Team

Test Equipment Connection Co. is proud to announce our Sponsorship of the ‘Silver Bullet Racing’ Electrathon Racing Team!

What is Electrathon Racing?

An Electrathon is a light weight 3-4 wheeled battery powered vehicle, not unlike a hybrid between a box-car racer and a go-cart. Throughout the three decades since its invention, Electrathon racing has spread throughout the western world, gaining popularity with high-school and post-secondary youth due to its low entry cost, and the practical application of moderate-advanced engineering concepts. Electrathon Teams participate in races that are not measured by time, but distance; traditionally the distance that can be covered in one hour. Thus each Electrathon Vehicle is built for efficiency, stressing balancing aerodynamics and effective use of battery power over top-speed. ┬áThe pursuit of this intriguing mechanical problem is the perfect platform for Test Equipment to promote given the complex engineering challenges at play. We’d like to wish Jim Robinson and the rest of the Silver Bullet Racing team the best of luck as they compete in the Tampa Bay Electrathon Racing League!

And don’t forget if you need battery testers whether for your Electrathon or for other purposes, Test Equipment Connection offers a wide variety of battery testers for most any application:

For more on the Tampa Bay Electrathon Racing League, such as when you can see Silver Bullet Racing compete, or how you can get involved, follow the link here:

Also be sure to check out the ‘Electrathon America’ site for more information on the sport:

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