Chroma 66200 Power Meter Meets Eco-Design Directive

Chroma’s 66200 series Power Meters meet the Eco-design Directive for measurement requirements of energy-using products (EuP) in addition to meeting Energy Star requirements and Spec compliance and are now available at Test Equipment Connection.

Lake Mary, FL: Hazards with increased global warming and climate changes have tipped countries to establish regulations and standards for regulating product efficiency performance. As an effective means to reduce carbon footprint and minimize negative impact to the environment, the Eco-design Directive for Energy-using Products (2005/32/EC) came into force August of 2007.

Eco-design Directive establishes a framework under which manufacturers of energy-using products (EuP) will, at the initial design stage, be obliged to increase energy efficiency and reduce the products negative environmental impacts.

Various measurement guidelines and requirements have been defined by the Eco-design Directive including power consumption measurement requirements. Measurement of power of 0.5W or greater shall be made with an uncertainty of less than or equal to 2% at the 95% confidence level and measurements of power less than 0.5W shall be made with an uncertainty of less than or equal to 0.01W at the 95% confidence level. The directive also requires increased measurement information on parameters such as voltage, current, frequency, power, total harmonic distortion, and power factor.

Chroma’s 66200 series Power Meters are fully capable of meeting the measurement requirements required by the EuC directive. Combining the power meter with our standard software specifically designed for the 66200 series, users can easily accomplish the required EUP measurement tasks with little effort. In addition to the 66200 series software,

Chroma also provides Power Efficiency Test software as a more comprehensive measurement solution for meeting eco-design requirements on active power efficiency measurements of external power supplies. Chroma power meters also meet Energy Star requirements and are SPEC accepted measurement devices.  You will find the complete Chroma Power Meter Line at Test Equipment Connection in addition to other great Chroma Products which include: AC and DC Loads, AC Power Sources and Power Supply Testing Equipment.

About Chroma Systems Solutions:

Chroma Systems Solutions, Inc. is the North American business unit of Chroma ATE, the world leader in power testing instruments and systems. With offices and manufacturing facilities located around the globe, Chroma is committed to provide excellence in product, service, and innovation. Chroma Systems Solutions is located in Lake Forest, CA. Please visit for more company and product information or call us at (949) 600-6400.

About Test Equipment Connection Corporation:

Test Equipment Connection Corp., Test Equipment Connection Pte. Ltd., and TE Connection Asia Limited are industry-leading suppliers of new, refurbished and second-hand electronic test and measurement (“T&M”) equipment. The companies sell, buy, lease, rent, trade, repair and calibrate over 315 manufacturers including Anritsu, Rohde & Schwarz, Agilent, Tektronix, Advantest, LeCroy, Chroma and Fluke, with thousands of products available. The companies are a single source supplier with in-house calibration laboratories assuring that customers receive only the highest quality T&M equipment and support. Test Equipment Connection Corporation has over 250,000 customers, a 45,000 square foot warehouse and repair facility in the US, and 16 years of profitability and financial strength.

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