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How to Diagnose and Solve Electromagnetic Interference and Signal Integrity Problems

16 Hours; 1.6 CEUs
March 1-2, 2012
OSU Campus – Stillwater, OK

Course Description:
Most engineers and technicians using or designing electronic systems have not had formal training concerning grounding and shielding techniques. Learning how to solve electromagnetic interference and signal integrity problems on the job can be very expensive for the employer and frustrating for the engineer. Most of the electromagnetic and circuit principles involved are simple. However, the complexity of many systems masks the logic and simplicity of possible solutions.

This course: treats signals as currents; explains fundamental grounding, shielding, and signal routing principles; clarifies troublesome terminology; and demonstrates many techniques for identifying and fixing electrical interference problems. The principles will be described as concepts rather than theoretical equations. The emphasis on concepts will make the course useful for people with a wide range of experiences. Several interference mechanisms and shielding techniques will be demonstrated. For more information and registration, please visit:

40 Hours; 4.0 CEUs
September 17 – 21, 2012
OSU Campus – Stillwater, OK

Course Description:
Participants will have a thorough understanding of the operation of a reverberation chamber for EMC testing. They will have developed a test plan for an immunity test with specified conditions and objectives. They will also have a permanent record of data collected and analyzed, and an extensive set of notes. For more information and registration, please visit:


Electromagnetic Effects Compliance for Aircraft HIRF/Lightning Design, Test Methods, and Regulatory Compliance

28 Hours; 2.8 CEUs
September 25 – 28, 2012
OSU Campus – Stillwater, OK

Course Description:
This comprehensive workshop will provide an awareness of all aspects of systems and aircraft HIRF testing as a route to compliance and will include:

  • Why HIRF is important
  • The FAA/European requirements to demonstrate compliance – FAA/EASA Harmonized HIRF rule released in the Federal Register for comment, and will replace the interim special conditions.
  • Equipment Qualification
  • Aircraft certification and testing
  • Pitfalls and problems
  • Design issues
  • An overview of lightning requirements and design

With particular emphasis on practical measurement, this workshop is particularly relevant to engineers and technicians involved in aircraft HIRF certification. For more information and registration, please visit:

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