GreenHub Fuel Cells

GreenHub 0.5KW – 4.2KW Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power Supplies for UPS AND Off-Grid Applications

The GreenHub uses Hydrogen Fuel Cells, How Does it Work?

How it works: Hydrogen is converted into electrical energy in a single electrochemical highly efficient step. Hydrogen is introduced into the anode side where it is split into protons and electrons. Protons pass through the membrane to reach the cathode where they react with oxygen in the air, while the electrons are forced to pass by external circuit to reach the cathode and recombine to form water, supplying electric energy and by-product heat in almost same power values than electrical power. Test Equipment Connection offers the complete Horizon suite of standby power systems that are able to run on bottled industrial hydrogen gas, or metal hydride canisters able to store renewable energy using PEM electrolyzers. The GreenHub line of UPS systems ranges from 500W to 2kW, and combines self-humidified PEM fuel cells from Horizon with system engineering by H2Planet, including innovative remote control features via GPRS using iPhones or PDAs.

Horizon GreenHub Fuel Cell Features:

  • Several power output systems available (0.5W-4.2kW)
  • Quick “turn-key” and user-friendly solution
  • Alternate & Direct Current for home or industrial electric devices
  • Can be used in remote locations (up to 2000m elevation)
  • Can be used indoors (no combustion, no toxic emissions)
  • Zero emission system (water & heat recovery possibilities optional)
  • UPS option (Greencap) available for support in power-grid failures
  • Can be monitored/controlled remotely using PC or mobile phone
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