Kikusui Discontinuance and New Model Announcement

Upgraded model of PCR-M Series called PCR-MA Series is scheduled to be released in February, 2018.
The PCR-MA Series introduced some functions requested from users. Based on releasing the enhanced models, PCR-M will be discontinued of the production.


Models affected are:

PCR500M replaced by PCR500MA

PCR1000M replace by PCR1000MA

PCR2000M replaced by PCR2000MA

PCR4000M replaced by PCR4000MA

Some upgraded features include:

  1. LAN(LXI), USB interfaces as standard interface (*RS232C interface will be available as the option)
  2. Expanded output voltage to 310Vrms from 270Vrms
  3. Sensing function equipped
  4. Easy Web browser control

Please contact us for more information.

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