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Who is Tabor Electronics ?

Tabor Electronics

Tabor Electronics

Established in 1971, Tabor Electronics has become a world leading source of high-end test and measurement equipment. With experience spanning over three decades, the Company has earned global recognition for its highly skilled workforce and innovative engineering capabilities. In addition to offering a full range of self-branded instruments, Tabor is also a world-class OEM that private-labels a variety of products for industry leaders. Many companies have allied with Tabor for its unique in-house design and development capabilities, and unwavering commitment to excellence. Together, we are developing the next generation of advanced test and measurement solutions.

Tabor Electronics New WS8352  350MHz Dual-Channel Arbitrary / Function / Pulse Generator

Tabor Electronics New WS8352 350MHz Dual-Channel Arbitrary / Function / Pulse Generator

The Company’s extensive product portfolio includes universal counters/timers, synthesizers, pulse, function and arbitrary waveform generators, waveform creation software and more, in various platforms, interfaces and frequency ranges. Technologically advanced, featuring the highest levels of performance, reliability, and most of all, price-competitive, they are sought-after in a diverse array of applications. Over the past decade Tabor has extended its global reach, maintaining direct sales and support offices throughout the United States and Israel, and a worldwide distribution network. Tabor’s uncompromising commitment to excellence begins with the engineering and design process and continues throughout the manufacturing cycle to post installation service and support. Product designs are thoroughly evaluated on a continuing basis to ensure that the equipment delivered meets or even exceeds the published specifications. Tabor’s quality programs have been audited and certified to comply with ISO-9001:2000, EN 61010-1, ISO/IEC 17025, SI-936, IPC-A-610C and EN 60051-3/A1.

Tabor Electronics is a member of:

  • Israel’s SII – The Standards Institute of Israel
  • IPC – The Institute for Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic Circuits
  • Global IQNet – The International Certification Network
  • WEEE/RoH

Tabor Electronics WS8352

Look at All These Features on the Tabor Electronics New WS8352 350MHz Dual-Channel Arbitrary / Function / Pulse Generator

Standard Waveforms
The WS8352 has 10 built-in functions for quick and easy waveform generation. Front panel operations allows for easy selection and editing of all waveform parameters. All the standard waveforms can reach up to 125MHz with Sine and Square going as high as 350MHz and 250MHz respectively.

User Defined Waveforms
For more advanced users the WS8352 with its 14-bit vertical resolution offers a standard 512Kpoint memory depth and a 2GS/s sample clock for designing waveforms. With the ability to control and edit the value of each and every point any wave is possible. The Memory can be divided into segments for storing all of the user defined waveforms.

Common or Separate Clocks
Need a dual channel unit, a single channel unit… why choose? With the new WS8352 you can have it both ways. The WS8352 has two differential output channels, which operate either independently, or synchronized. As two separate channels, one has the advantage of having two separate instruments in one box, each having the ability to be programmed to output different function shapes, frequency, amplitude levels and even in different run modes. Alternatively, the advantage of having two synchronized channels with less than 10ps skew and skew control is very significant in applications that require an accurate and controlled phase between the two channels.

Pulse / Pattern Creation
Generating complex pulse trains has never been easier. The Pulse Composer is a powerful built-in tool that converts the WS8352 to a very sophisticated Pulse/Pattern Generator, allowing to create literally any complex pulse train / pattern, whether it’s a single pulse, multi-level, linear-points, initialization or preamble pattern definition, arbitrary bit design, user-defined or even standard random patterns with programmable resolution, so it doesn’t matter if your application is radar communications, nanotechnology or serial bus testing, the pulse/pattern composer is the right tool for your application. Moreover, all the WS8352 advanced trigger modes are applicable, hence one can choose to use the “step” mode to advance every bit independently or the “once” mode to advance a complete data block in one trigger event, enabling even more applications, such as trigger, clock and data protocols.

Multi-Level and PAM(n) Signals
The WS8352’s pulse composer enables up to 350Mbit/s data rate generation, utilizing either NRZ and RZ modes (minimum transition times) which is ideal especially for multi level and PAM(n) applications such as, LED (light-emitting diodes), CAN, QPHY, FlexRay or simulating and testing Ethernet environment, whether it’s 100Mbit/s (100BASE-T), the later gigabit Ethernet (1000BASE-T) or even the latest 802.3an standard (10GBASE-T), which utilizes PAM-16.

Modulated Waveforms
Agility and modulation capabilities open the door to diverse applications. In addition to the capability of generating any shape and style of waveform with the arbitrary waveform generation power, the WS8352 can also do standard modulation schemes such as AM, FM, FSK, PSK, sweep and chirp without sacrificing the power of the instrument control and output run modes.

Accuracy and Stability
As standard, the instrument is equipped with an internal frequency reference that has 1ppm accuracy and stability over a period of 1 year. An external frequency reference is provided on the rear panel for applications requiring greater accuracy or stability, supported by the instrument’s 14 digits resolution.

Easy to Use
Large and user-friendly 4” backlit color LCD display facilitates browsing though menus, updating parameters and displaying detailed and critical information for your waveform output. Combined with numeric keypad, cursor position control and a dial, the front panel controls simplifies the often complex operation of an arbitrary function generator.

Remote Control
Model WS8352 comes standard with a variety of interfaces: Ethernet, USB and GPIB allowing the user to freely select the interface best suited to his individual requirements. The included ArbConnection software is a powerful editorial tool for designing waveforms and provides the user with full control of instrument functions, modes and features.

Multiple Environments to Write Your Code
In addition to the included ArbConnection software, the WS8352 comes with a complete set of drivers, allowing you to write your application in various environments such as: Labview, CVI, C++, VB, MATLAB. You may also link the supplied dll to other Windows based API’s or, use low level SCPI commands (Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments) to program the instrument, regardless if your application is written for Windows, Linux or Macintosh operating systems.

Automated External Calibration
Leading-edge technology is implemented to allow calibration from any interface, USB, GPIB or LAN and calibration factors are stored in a flash memory thus eliminating the need to open instrument covers.

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