Mobile Phone Testers by Japan Radio Co. will be Supplied Through Test Equipment Connection based on New Sales Agreement

Lake Mary, FL USA – Mobile Phone Testers by Japan Radio Co. will be Supplied Through Test Equipment Connection based on New Sales Agreement
Test Equipment Connection Corporation today announced the company has been chosen to sell new Japan Radio Co. mobile phone test equipment. “Japan Radio Co. mobile phone testers are affordable test solutions for mobile phone manufacturing, service and repair applications,” said Lexie Moss, Sales and Channels Manager for Test Equipment Connection Corporation. “The JRC NJZ4000 W-CDMA Application Tester is a best seller because it is much easier to use compared to other higher cost solutions available in the marketplace. The JRC NJZ2000 is a product that is applicable for carriers, repair centers, and manufacturers. JRC user friendly mobile phone testers perform a variety of service tasks, from go/no go, to module-level repair and after repair adjustments.”

About Test Equipment Connection Corporation:
Test Equipment Connection Corporation and TE Connection Asia Limited are industry-leading suppliers of New and Refurbished electronic test and measurement (“T&M”) equipment. The companies sell, rent, lease, buy, trade, repair and calibrate over 250 manufacturers with thousands of products available New and Refurbished. The companies are a single source supplier with in-house calibration laboratories assuring that customers receive only the highest quality T&M equipment and support. Test Equipment Connection Corporation has over 200,000 customers, a 45,000 square foot warehouse and repair facility in the US, and 15 years of profitability and financial strength. The Company web sites are located at and

About Japan Radio Co., Ltd.:
Founded in 1915, JRC has grown to become one of the leading companies in the field of wireless technology, radio equipment, and radars in Japan. JRC provides land mobile, personal information, and communications equipment that speed and ease voice, data and image communications. Products such as Mobile Phone Testers, Satellite communication systems, Trucked radio systems, WiFi Products, and GPS receivers. JRC is also the leading company in Ground Penetrating Radars (GPR) for concrete structures in Japan with a 90% market share and more than 30 years experience. JRC continues to add field proven products to their lineup, accelerating the development of their equipment, and ever strengthening the JRC brand name as a manufacturer of high quality wireless communications equipment and radars.

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