New SIGNALTEK Network Troubleshooting Tool

SIGNALTEK – Experience a Technically Innovative Performance, Monitoring and Network Troubleshooting Tool

In addition to cable performance qualification, SIGNALTEK can be configured to run for several minutes or hours at a time. While stress testing critical network links, SIGNALTEK transmits hundreds of Gigabits of information across the network while looking for dropped packets. This monitoring mode allows SIGNALTEK to be used to isolate intermittent network problems that are difficult to detect. Adopting the latest generation of Gigabit Ethernet technology, IDEAL’s innovation brings the best performance to this new class of affordable testers.

  • Offers service detection to verify true 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet operations
  • Provides Bit Error Rate test for VoIP, data, and videoover- IP applications
  • User-defined data logging and network monitoring to detect problems that may cause network outages
  • Selectable test modes to qualify cabling support of Data, Voice over IP, and IP Video transmissions

SIGNALTEK – High-Performance Gigabit Ethernet Testing

SIGNALTEK is the most cost-effective Gigabit Ethernet cable performance tester in the world. It tests the link’s ability to support applications by transmitting Ethernet packets on the link and measuring performance according to the IEEE 802.3ab Gigabit Ethernet standard, the ultimate performance indicator for any network.

  • Provides comprehensive cable testing for voice, data, and video applications
  • Performs complete wiremap and length tests of: 1, 3, and 4 pair UTP/STP, and series 6/59 coaxial cable to TIA-568 A/B and TIA-570 standards
  • Performs a full IEEE 802.3ab compliant Gigabit Ethernet packet test in about 35 seconds with 97% performance certainty
  • Includes a TDR (Time Domain Reflectometer) for accurate length measurements and to aide in locating cabling faults by providing distance to short/open information
  • Supplied alligator clips allow testing of speaker, alarm, thermostat, home automation devices, and nearly any other type of control wire

SIGNALTEK – a Flexible Tool to Test any IP Device

Internet Protocol (IP) is fast becoming the standard communications protocol for every type of network and home technology device. SIGNALTEK leverages its tri-speed (10/100/1000) Ethernet processor to provide performance and activity testing of any addressable IP device in the network.

  • IP pinging can be used to verify the communication of many devices including IP cameras, home automation, and A/V control panels
  • Offers network diagnostic tools such as link establishment, port LED blink, and ping
  • Supports static and dynamic (DHCP) IP configuration
  • Allows multiple target IP and web addresses for pinging several network devices and confirming operation of network switches and routers

SIGNALTEK Makes Reporting and Data Storage Easy

The SIGNALTEK reporting and data storage system is designed for installers and network technicians with ease-of-use and flexibility in mind.

  • Generates easy pass/fail reports of link performance in accordance with IEEE 802.3ab standards
  • Stores 20,000+ records on internal memory
  • Accepts USB memory drives for unlimited storage
  • Direct printing to supported USB printers

No special software required, view reports with any web browser

SignalTek Specifications

Cable Types

  • Voice/phone cable – USOC/RJ11/RJ12 interface
  • Data cable – (STP/UTP) RJ45 for CAT 3/5e/6/6a/7


  • Coax cable – via RJ45-to-F patch-cord, series 58, 59, 6 cabling (75 ohm)

Cable Length Measurement

  • Exceeds IEEE 802.3 specifications

Battery Life: Standard AA Alkaline Batteries

  • Standby – 90 days
  • Cable testing – 30 hours
  • Network monitoring – 4 hours


  • RJ45 test interface port
  • Mini-USB “A” device port
  • Standard USB “B” host port
  • DC power input for longterm network monitoring

Physical Dimensions

Display Handset: 20.1cm × 9.1cm × 3.8cm

Remote Handset: 17.3cm × 8.9cm × 3.8cm

Near-end Weight: 354g
Weight without batteries

Remote-end Weight: 255g
Weight without batteries

Ideal Signaltek 33-974 – SIGNALTEK provides a technically innovative method to test and document performance of voice, data, video, and VoIP applications for cabling installers and network technicians.

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