Non-Contact Temperature Measurement

Fluke Precision Infrared Thermometers

Fluke Precision Infrared Thermometers Offer a Broad temperature range, superior optics and the advanced extra-bright three-dot laser sighting system make Fluke 570 series thermometers the most advanced portable thermometers in the industry.

The Fluke 570 non-contact thermometers are ideal professional diagnostic tools for maintenance professionals requiring the most accurate temperature readings at all distances. The Fluke 570 series infrared (IR) measures surface temperatures, helping to quickly locate lubrication problems, overloads, short-circuits or misaligned and overheated equipment, reducing work and follow-up time, and improving performance. From close-up electrical connections, to distant room balancing checks, the Fluke 570 series can take IR temperature measurements with ease. Predictive maintenance professionals requiring analysis and documentation use the 574 model with 100-point data logging and included software for graphing and analysis for follow-up reporting and documentation.

The Fluke 574-NI Nonincendive Model
When safety is a concern and data logging and downloading are required, the Fluke 574 Nonincendive (NI) model thermometer is the product to choose. It has the same great features as the standard 574 model thermometers with the extra confidence of a Factory Mutual approval for use in hazardous environments*. *See specification table for details. The Fluke 574-NI thermometer, does not release enough electrical or thermal energy to ignite flammable gases or vapors under normal operational and environmental conditions.

Accurate measurements depend in part on accurately sighting a target. Fluke 570 series thermometers are the only thermometers with a sighting system designed to precisely track the infrared path as seen by the sensors. This enables the advanced coaxial three-dot laser sighting to accurately show both the center and the edges of the spot being measured, regardless of the thermometer’s distance from the target. This laser sighting also appears twice as bright to the human eye as normal lasers (while maintaining the same safety rating as less bright lasers), making precise sighting easier in a variety of lighting conditions and distances.

Fluke 574 Precision Infrared Thermometer Includes 572 Features and the following:

  • DIF/AVG measurement calculations instantly computed
  • 100 temperature data logging capability for easy route review
  • 30 pre-set common material emissivity values for most accurate temperature readings
  • Audible and visible HI and LO temperature alarm for instant recognition
  • Thermocouple K probe input for contact temperature measurements with same unit
  • Customizable log names, alarms, and emissivity values for more efficient, less error-prone predictive maintenance routes

Features Unique to the Fluke 574 Model

  • Windows-based (Windows NT/ 2000/XP) software for data storage and analysis
  • Software to log, graph, and analyze temperature data via RS232 connection
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