Pocket Size Fiber Optic Power Meters

An Essential Tool for Measuring Optical Power

The fiber optic power-meter is a test instrument for optical fiber power measurements as well as fiber optic loss related testing, an essential tool for measuring optical power within a fiber optic link. The current selection of hand held type fiber optic testers offer a wide range of power measurements with highly accurate precision, some with an automatic self-calibration function. The fiber optic power meter is a tool used for many optical fiber applications taking measurements across a broad range wavelengths from various power and energy sources. Power Meters are widely used by the Telecom and CATV sectors to support FTTx deployments, fiber network testing, certification reporting and of course the basic power measurements. Test Equipment Connection offers the widest selection of new and used power meters starting at $695 (Kingfisher KI3600-GE-MP).

The Kingfisher KI9600-InGaAs Optical Power Meter is optimized for single mode and CWDM applications offering 9 calibration wavelengths with 2% accuracy.

The JDSU OLP-6 optical power meter which has a very easy to use three-button operation and a bright, clear display. The reference level for the attenuation measurement is made to IEC-874-1 and can be saved with a single keystroke.

Wilcom’s T-339E is a ruggedized optical power meter that utilizes advanced microprocessor technology to provide for easy, accurate and stable calibration as well as error free, non volatile digital storage of reference measurements.

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