Real-Time DTV Transport Stream Monitor and Analyzer

Introducing the New Triveni Digital – StreamScope MT-40 LCP Real-Time DTV Transport Stream Monitor and Analyzer

The StreamScope MT-40 is a monitor and complete analyzer for digital television (DTV) transport streams. The MT-40 is a powerful and user-friendly instrument that verifies DTV streams carried by service providers such as broadcasters, cable, telcos, satellite, MobileTV and IPTV operators. In a single, affordable instrument with an easy-to-use graphical interface, the MT-40 can monitor, alarm, troubleshoot, record and measure DTV transport streams in order to ensure their integrity, reliability and compliance with standards (ATSC, ATSC A/78, SCTE). In the face of emerging digital data broadcast and enhanced high-definition DTV applications along with complex and evolving standards, the StreamScope product family plays an increasingly vital role ensuring the integrity and reliability of the transport streams on which service providers’ reputations and diverse new revenue opportunities depend.

Test Equipment Connection is offering a Special Introductory Bundle for the New Triveni Digital – StreamScope MT-40 LCP including an ASI card and non-realtime Ethernet input. This offer is valid if purchased by December 1st 2010 and is for Non-USA customers only. Contact us now to secure your Streamscope bundle before the promotion ends.

The Triveni StreamScope MT40 Introductory Bundle Includes:

  • STSC-MT-40-LCP-B StreamScope MT-40 Low Cost Portable with battery
  • STSC-OPT-ASI ASI Single Input Module
  • STSC-OPT-AOUT ASI Playout Software 38.8 Mbps, File Loop
  • STSC-OPT-GLCP Non Real Time Analysis – without PCR Analysis
  • ESSP-STSC StreamScope Enhanced System Support Plan for MT40

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