Rohde Schwarz SMP03 Signal Generator Product Review

Rohde Schwarz SMP03 Signal Generator Product Review


The Rohde Schwarz SMP03 is a powerful microwave signal generator, smart designed to deliver excellent signal characteristics. This versatile signal generator is optimized for applications in the frequency range 10 MHz- 27 GHz, and is designed to deliver a high output level (>+13 dBm). Other impressive features include high level accuracy, digital RF and AF, level sweep, ASK/FSK modulation, low SSB noise, optional phase modulator, optional pulse generator, and optional pulse modulator.

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The R&S SMP03 employs an advanced frequency synthesis concept that enables it to achieve a stable output frequency, fast setting, and a 0.1 frequency resolution, making the signal generator an excellent option for applications that require high spectral purity. It utilizes YIG oscillators to ensure that an exceptionally high spectral purity is achieved. The SMP03 model is engineered to perform amplitude modulation, frequency modulation, and optional phase modulation by incorporating modulation techniques that meet the expected high standards.

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Many Options to Choose From

In addition, the Rohde & Schwarz SMP03 offers a wide selection of optional features that enable operators to meet their diverse testing needs. The optional user-specific configurations offered include the following useful options: RF attenuator, pulse modulator, pulse generator, modulation generator, OCXO reference oscillator, precision frequency/phase modulator, and auxiliary interface.

The intuitively designed menu of the Rohde & Schwarz SMP03 allows the technician to operate this signal generator with simplicity and speed, coupling the intelligent menu with the large-size LC display users will appreciate. It features two menu memories to improve the speed of operation and includes several user-friendly details. It is capable of storing up to 50 instrument setups and is also an ideal choice for applications that require combination of modulations modes. Other impressive details include RF control output; ultra-low RF leakage; and digital AF, RF, and level sweep.

Stable and Accurate Capabilities

The R & S SMP03 is optimized to deliver high spectral purity to avoid ambiguous results. The quality of the results is also enhanced by low SSB phase noise, high harmonics rejection, and absence of sub-harmonics at values of frequency below 20 GHz. The microwave signal generator is specially designed to deliver stable output frequency. Its built-in crystal reference ensures a low-drift and accurate output frequency.

The Rohde & Schwarz SMP03 is a solid, cost effective choice for a wide range of applications that require a high output level. Its unique capabilities allow for users to carry out exercises that require high output levels without requiring any add-on units. The impressive 0.1 Hz frequency resolution of the SMP03 also makes it an excellent choice for industrial and scientific research, and a cost effective solution for today’s testing demands

Key Features and Benefits:

  • ● Broad choice of optional User-defined configurations
  • ● Variety of modulation options including FM (DC up to 5 MHz) and AM (DC up to 100 kHz)
  • ● Leveled, high powered output including upper frequency limits
  • ● Optionally extend low frequency limit (up to 10 MHz)
  • ● Precise frequency resolution and stable output frequencies
  • ● Advanced spectral purity without any multiplying (to 20 GHz)
  • ● Easy to use, intelligent menu guides

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