Teledyne LeCroy Oscilloscopes

Test Equipment Connection is an authorized Teledyne LeCroy distributor. If you are looking for excellent value and performance check out Teledyne LeCroy WaveAce Oscilloscopes all on sale. For performance up to 1GHz the HDO series is worth a look.

Price and performance continues to improve in the category of test solutions below 500MHz. It’s amazing to think of today’s “lower end’ oscilloscope product evolution. Specifically in terms of portability, sample rates, rise times, display types, speed, connectivity and price. These sophisticated scopes are now within the budget of most every engineer, several years ago the cost was much higher, and the selection more limited. Test Equipment Connection is offering select Teledyne LeCroy WaveAce models in “like New Condition” with full manufacturers warranty.  These overstock demos are the last production run available, and are an excellent proposition for anyone needing an affordable compact solution. These are easy to use oscilloscopes with the features of more expensive competitive offerings. Featuring long memory, advanced triggering, with extensive measurement capabilities and connectivity, all helping to improve troubleshooting and shorten debug time for any user.

For example, the WaveAce 101 is a great price for 40MHz and 2 channels with a nice color display. The WaveAce 112 stands up favorably when compared to any 100MHz Agilent or Tektronix offering. Having a built in zoom function facilitates closer measurement analysis. The WaveAce can save 20 setups and up to 20 waveforms with two reference waveforms to its internal memory.  The WaveAce 222 is 200 MHz and 2 channels at a great price weighing less than 5 lbs. Contact us today to order your “like New” Oscilloscope for a fraction of the cost.

WaveAce 101

WaveAce 112

WaveAce 222

If you need a 1GHz solution look no further than the new HDO4104. This 4 channel solution stacks up well vs. the Tektronix 4000 series product offerings especially in price and performance. The HDO series offers high sample rates and better resolution than most all other 200MHz – 1GHz Agilent solutions as well. Teledyne LeCroy HDO series  oscilloscopes start from $9,000 and all include a 12.1 inch color display. This new HD technology comes in 6 different models with options that allow the user to configure a solution to meet most any test need in this bandwidth. These powerful debugging test tools are now affordable and new units include a 3year warranty standard. Ongoing firmware and software updates are easily downloadable so no worries about rapid obsolescence.


One option we are seeing a lot of demand for is the HDO4K-PWR Power Analysis function. Many test applications today call for power conversion measurements for various circuitry. Voltage and current input set up is easily done with this option tool, simplifying the measurement and storage of events for analysis and debugging. These tests can provide pre-compliance results for EN 61000-3-2 and include harmonic distortion with the ability to analyze the various contributors to distortion. Having these power analyzer functions in a oscilloscope affords any user serious price and performance all one box.

For more information request a quote today.

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