The iQ-200 Thermal Measurement System

Take Temperature, Velocity, and Pressure Measurements with One System – The Advanced Thermal Solutions iQ-200

The ATS iQ-200 Thermal Measurement System is designed to be used wherever temperature, pressure, and velocity measurements are required, either simultaneously or individually. iQ-200 Thermal Measurement System measures temperature with twelve thermocouple ports supporting J, K, T and E types, with a range of -40 to 750oC. Air temperature is measured by sixteen thermister ports (also used for velocity measurement) with a range of -10 to 85oC. Sixteen hot wire anemometer ports measure velocity using ATS single-sensor technology, requiring no need to change sensors when measuring different velocity ranges. The standard range for velocity measurement is 0-6 m/s (1200 ft/min) and for custom calibration, the range is 0-50 m/s (10,000 ft/min). The iQ-200 also supports ATS’ unique, patented Candle Stick Sensor. Pressure is measured by four ports, supporting differential or absolute pressure, with a range of 0-1,035Pa (0-0.15 psi). User-friendly LabVIEWTM- based IQstage data acquisition software is included in the system. IQstage manages incoming data from various sensors and provides a rich graphical presentation of the results.

Application Domain for the iQ-200 Thermal Measurement System Includes:

  • Heat Sink Design and Selection
  • PCB Characterization
  • Card Rack (ATCA, PICMG, 1U, etc.) Characterization
  • Qualification testing in the environmental chamber,e.g., NEBS, Milspec, etc.
  • Mockup Testing
  • Wind Tunnel Testing of Cards, Heatsinks, Etc.

ATS has released the iQ-200 thermal analysis system for precisely and simultaneously measuring the temperatures of solid materials and the surrounding air, as well as tracking air velocity and air pressure at multiple points to comprehensively profile heat sinks, components and PCBs. (Source Advanced Thermal Solutions)

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