Following in this summer’s theme of energy efficiency; we here at Test Equipment Connection Co. are pleased to give you a preview of some upcoming deals we’ll be running on ELECTROCORDER Voltage & Current Loggers latter this month. Why worry about Voltage Optimization? Average output from the electrical grid is in fact normally higher than most electrical equipment & components require. The resulting extra energy in the supply line results in a waste that can really add up over time. Through monitoring and regulating current through the use of a voltage optimization system you can cut back on the waste by restricting the energy supplied to match the energy demanded, conserving energy and save you money. Want to get started on your own voltage optimization system; well then you’re in luck! ELECTROCORDER, the United Kingdom’s leading International producer of data loggers for the Energy Industry, will be partnering with Test Equipment Connection this summer to bring you some sweet discounts on their line of Voltage & Current Recorders. Here are some of the models we’ll be featuring:

ELECTROCORDER EC-6VA 3 Phase Voltage & Current Logger

Facility Managers, Electrical Contractors, and Linemen pay attention, this one’s for you. Not only can the EC-6VA track power and energy usage, but it can also monitor changes for current and voltage providing analysis on potential problems in the system. The EC-6VA kit includes the data logger, 4 voltage leads, 3 Rogowski Coils, and 1 USB lead.


Tailored from the ground up with small business in mind, the EC-3CT accurately measures current between .05A-300A* (model contingent). This unit uses classic clamp-type leads, providing for greater accuracy at lower currents. The EC3CT Kit includes the data logger, 3 Current CT’s, and 1 USB lead.
ELECTROCORDER AL-2VA Single Phase Appliance Energy Logger

Featuring constant sampling technology for increased accuracy and comprehensive measurement, the AL-2VA is perfect for performing energy audits, analyzing energy usage, and measuring voltage supply and current demand. The AL-2VA Kit includes the data logger, 1 plug, 1 socket, and 1 USB Lead.

For more information on these upcoming deals, or to place an order for your ELECTROCORDER Voltage & Current Logger contact one of our sale representatives today. You can also browse our complete catalog of ELECTROCORDER equipment at: http://www.testequipmentconnection.com/manufacturer/ELECTROCORDER

And be sure to check back later this month when our ELECTROCORDER deals officially launch!

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