Aeroflex IFR 1200S Service Monitor-Spectrum Analyzer Product Review

Aeroflex  IFR 1200S Service Monitor-Spectrum Analyzer Product Review

The Aeroflex IFR 1200S is a time tested test solution that finds numerous applications in avionics systems. The bench tester was designed for monitoring and troubleshooting communication service equipment, and can capably perform a variety of transmission test functions for various transceiver equipments. Users can easily carry out transmission tests for single sideband equipments, AM/FM/SSB transceivers and repeaters, citizen’s band radios, and FM two‐way radios.


The Aeroflex IFR 1200S integrates various capabilities, making it possible for operators to use it in various applications and environments. Its 1 MHz oscilloscope is suitable for various testing uses, and allows operators to accomplish their testing needs without coupling external equipment. The functionality is simple to use and intuitive, and it offers precise measurements.

View a 1200s demo video here

Intelligent Timeless Design

The IFR 1200’s intelligent design allows it to be used for both new and emerging technologies, making it a cost effective choice for evolving testing needs. Suitable for carrying out transmission tests in the laboratory as well as in the field. It includes a rechargeable battery that makes it convenient to use in remote areas where a power supply is not existent.

Numerous troubleshooting and servicing exercises require signal generators. The IFR 1200S was designed with this capability, making it easier for technicians to carry out test and measure without using an external signal generator. Users appreciate the shorter setup times and not having to carry additional external gear to remote test locations. The Aeroflex IFR 1200S offers the capability of Dual-Tone Generator Radio Frequency Demodulator.

AM/FM Receiver and Spectrum Anlayzer

The Aeroflex IFR 1200S features an AM/FM receiver that finds a variety of applications in many transmission tests for analog systems. This feature is ideal for transceiver testing and makes it possible for operators to accomplish various tests in the lab and in the field with no need for external receivers. This design characteristic offers a powerful solution to a variety of troubleshooting needs.

Various RF transmission tests require a spectrum analyzer. The IFR 1200S offers the capability of a spectrum analyzer enabling users to carry out their field exercises without requiring external equipment. This is a high-accuracy and high-reliability feature that allows precise measurements during testing exercises, enhancing the versatility of the IFR 1200S bench tester. Additionally the tester can be used as a frequency meter. This feature has many applications in transmission tests that require accurate and reliable frequency measurements.

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The IFR 1200S provides operators with a RF wattmeter capability, which is especially useful when measuring the power of the signals during transmission testing. It also includes a sweep generator and a tracking oscilloscope. These powerful features of the IFR 1200S make it a popular choice of technicians    for transmission testing.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • ●    Total testing solution for mobile test applications
  • ●    Expanded duplex capabilities
  • ●    Generated signal offset up to 49.99MHz in 10 KHz steps
  • ●    Combination Distortion Meter, RF Power Meter and SINAD Meter
  • ●    Audio Function Generator that’s easily programmable
  • ●    Fully protected RF Wattmeter up to 150 Watts

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