Four-in-One Vector Network Analyzer

Four-in-One Vector Network Analyzer that Covers Microwave Applications

Rohde & Schwarz R&S ZVL13 – The Four-in-One Vector Network Analyser that covers Microwave applications

Cost-Efficient ▪ Multi-Purpose ▪ Compact ▪ Future-Proof Instrument

Reasons to Consider the R&S ZVL13 Vector Network Analyzer

  • Addresses microwave applications up to 13.6 GHz
  • Measures uplink frequencies of satellite Ku band at 15 GHz overrange
  • An option (ZVL-K1) to enable a full spectrum analyzer (R&S FSL)
  • Completely bidirectional two-port network analyzer as a standard
  • Calibrate cables, antennas, and coupling networks for conducted measurements using low start frequency at 9 kHz
  • Portable for field applications via DC/battery power operations
  • 4-in-1 instrument shortens design and production times, andsimplifies single connection component / device testing

How The R&S ZVL Will Meet Your Needs
Research & Development Small Design Labs Friendly – ZVLs help small design labs to optimize bench space and to remain within capital expenditure budgets.

Production High Throughput – Remote controlled switchover from VNA to SPA, and vice versa; and 500 kHz bandwidth supports short measurement times.

Satellite Communications Ku band Uplink supported – With 15 GHz overrange, ZVL13 measures 14 to 14.5 GHz uplink frequencies of DVB-S (Astra or fixed svc. satellite).

Mobile & Wireless Comm. Spurious Emissions Measurements – Dynamic range of >100 dB and 13.6 GHz frequency range is ideal for manually tuning diplex filters.

Field Use / Mobile Applications Light Weight & Compact Form Factor – 15.4 lbs (7 kg), battery and DC operations support portable and mobile uses.

Installation & Service Multi-Purpose Instrument – Combination network analyzer, spectrum analyzer and power meter in a single instrument increases work efficiency.

R&S ZVL13 Applications Include:

  • Satellite Communications – support of uplink frequencies in Ku band
  • Mobile Communications – manually tuning of diplex filters of base stations
  • Universities – wide range of functions supported on one instrument with a low price
  • Small Design Laboratories – multi-function instrument
  • Manufacturers – cables, connectors, combiners, diplexers, switches, etc.
  • Field Services & Installation – small form factor and lightweight

What Makes the R&S ZVL Vector Network Analyzers a Great Value?
All R&S ZVL instruments operate as Network Analyzers, Signal Analyzers, Spectrum Analyzers and high accuracy Power Meters in one. The 9 kHz start frequency addresses the commercial EMC standards, and are important in calibrating cables, antennas or coupling networks for conducted measurements.

The new R&S ZVL13 going up to 13.6 GHz addresses the stop band attenuation of filters for base stations, and measures uplink frequency of Ku band satellite systems.

As multi-function instruments ZVLs serve to reduce design time and improve production throughput. Portability with DC and battery operation in a compact and light weight form factor, makes it just the right instrument for mobile applications, such as field installation and on-site service & maintenance.

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