Kikusui PLZ1004W DC Load Product Review

Kikusui PLZ1004W DC Load Product Review

PLZ1004WWith today’s testing and functionality needs changing rapidly, the Kikusui PLZ1004W is a powerful, Multifunctional Electronic Load that’s a perfect addition to the modern laboratory. This series of Electronic Load integrates easily with a multitude of DC power sources including fuel cell stacks, switching power supplies, and batteries of all kinds. It is a cost effective, reliable solution for your large capacity system needs.

With the recent requirements of the latest DC/DC converters, the Kikusui PLZ1004W delivers with truly accurate, high speed performance that the technician will certainly appreciate. It is possible to achieve a quicker response of the rise-fall time as calculated conversion value with 10µ, allowing for a transient response test for direct current.

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Feature Rich

Other features of note include its quick, highly precise testing of simulation waveform as a dummy load. Additionally, you are able to set with a slew rate (A/µs), instead of the standard rise-fall settings. In relation to the setting value, continuous variation is possible. You are easily able to optimize transient control for voltage drops when experiencing constant voltage supply or wiring inductance, when load current is switched on. This specific series has six common operation modes including Constant Voltage (CV), Constant Current (CC),Constant Power (CP), Constant Resistance (CR), Constant Current + Constant Voltage (CC+CV) and Constant Resistance + Constant Voltage (CR+CV).

Ease of Use

Achieving a large capacity system at low cost is of the most importance in today’s cost conscious environment. In this regard the PLZ1004W excels and can accomplish several common tasks. It allows for connections in parallel of up to four booster units for a combined total power of maximum 9kW /1800A. When using with a Master / Slave setup in parallel, you are able to connect up to 5 of the same model units. Other convenient, functional features include ease of battery discharge. PLZ4W series models are also able to measure time from load-on to load-off. Easily measure battery discharge time from start to when voltage drops to the cutoff. The technician is able to set the timer to automatically load off when a defined period of time elapses from load-on mode. After setting the timer, the input voltage value just before load-off is displayed. This makes measuring closed circuit voltage possible within a specific time frame from the start of battery discharge.

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Standard Interfaces

Finally, the Kikusui PLZ1004 comes powerfully equipped with standard features that provide stable operation and high performance. USB, GPIB and RS232C Interface are generously included as standard equipment providing the user advanced remote control and system integration. In addition to 488.2, the GPIB specifically complies with SCPI (standard commands for programmable instruments).

If your facility is needing a Kikusui PLZ1004 or similar piece of precision equipment, consider this cost effective, viable solution.

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