Agilent 66000A

Agilent 66000A

The Agilent 66000A is an advanced 4U modular mainframe power system known for its versatility in many different test environments.  The quality design features allow for ingenious space saving configurations across a broad spectrum of applications. This makes it an elemental part of any modern testing laboratory. This mainframe can be used with the Agilent 66101A, 66102A, 66103A, 66104A, 66105A and the 66106A DC power modules.


Demand for refurbished modular power systems of this quality is historically strong. The Agilent 66000A is well known for its versatility in a host of different situations, which is why its so popular and widely admired. One of the best designed features is the ability to be used in production oriented test situations, where it can specifically supply bias power to many different subassemblies and products. It is also perfectly suited for the ATE test settings. Some other specific highlights include super fast, low noise outputs and convenient LIST mode.

The technician will appreciate many options that this device offers in the test environment. The mainframe itself accommodates up to eight power modules in the 7 inch high design. Combined with optional modules, it specifically makes programming, debugging and assembly of test systems a cinch and makes excellent use of space in the rack. There are many different modules available in this series and they can be ordered separately depending on your specific needs.

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Quality Features

The full Agilent 66000A setup offers an excellent feature set. This unit allows the operator to configure, repair or calibrate with an intelligent ease. Smart design includes full frontal access for the removal of modules, and allows for removing an individual module with the DUT wiring still connected and intact. The use of the rack space is also well applied. The system application will allow one 66000 mainframe to connect to up to 8 individual outputs of 150W each in only 4U of rack area. More smart design allows  a single GPIB address to control multiple power supplies through the Serial link system. A really useful quick disconnect connector assembly is standard on each module. Time consuming, complex system cabling can be easily avoided if reverse voltage or isolation is needed. Also of note are the user friendly cables, which have the built in measurements highlighted.

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The optional, multi function reversal relays assist in simplifying the cabling task, and offer an excellent time and cost savings as a bonus. Additionally, the especially useful GBIB interface is offered with SCPI command set. Other highlights include a specific software and hardware trigger system which allows the ATE system to synch to other events.

Handy manual control can be achieved by simply adding an optional keyboard, which helps to shorten  task times immensely, and enables advanced programming such as automated sequencing of output setting steps.  With safety always a big concern in today’s laboratories, the Agilent 66000A protection features do not disappoint and provide DUT safety as standard.

Above all, the Agilent 66000A sets the standard in its class by offering accurate and fast test optimization at an affordable price. Its reliability and proven longevity make it a perfect choice for buying used or refurbished.

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