LeCroy LogicStudio Demo Video

LeCroy Demo at the 2010 Embedded Systems Conference

LeCroy LogicStudio Logic Analyzers – Logic analyzers are known to be slow, complicated and expensive but Logic Studio changes all this by delivering a powerful feature set, high performance hardware and an intuitive point and click user-interface. With timing cursors, history mode, I2C, SPI and UART decoding, powerful triggering and simple navigation the PC is transformed in to an all-in-one debug machine. Pair the LogicStudio 16 with a WaveJet 300A oscilloscope and debug systems with analog, digital and serial data signals.

Unique Feature Set

From basic tools like timing cursors that snap to the edge of a waveform to protocol decoding of I2C, SPI and UART busses LogicStudio provides a rich feature set for faster, smarter debug. History mode will display previously captured data and the powerful, flexible triggering will help solve the most complicated problems.

Easy to Use

The intuitive user-interface works with basic mouse operations. To pan the waveforms simply click and drag, Use the mouse wheel to zoom in or scan the waveforms with the magnification toll to get a great view of the details. With all the debug tools accessible from the main screen, debugging is simple, efficient and just 1 mouse click away.

Digital, Serial, Analog

Turn the PC into a mixed signal oscilloscope by connecting both a LogicStudio 16 and a WaveJet 300A oscilloscope. View digital, serial and analog waveforms simultaneously, directly on the PC display. This combination of waveforms provides insight that a traditional logic analyzer cannot. 

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