RF Calibration Cost Cutter

the cost of RF calibration in half

The Fluke 9640A Series is the key component in an RF and microwave calibration system. It enables you to accurately calibrate a broad RF measurement workload at half the cost of a typical high performance calibration system.

Unlike general purpose signal generators, the 9640A Series dramatically improves efficiency and capacity by reducing complexity, de-skilling, and speeding up calibration times. Automating calibration using MET/CAL Plus software to take control of the unit or device under test and all system instruments will increase system capacity by up to 25% and free 50% of the system operator’s time to perform other tasks.

What’s New?

  • 9640A-LPNX model with reduced close-in phase noise and
    specifications down to 1 Hz offsets
  • Enhanced leveled sine level and attenuation accuracy
  • Optional integrated 50 MHz frequency counter
  • Unique 10 uHz enhanced leveled sine frequency setting
    resolution at all frequencies
  • Leveled sine minimum output frequency of 1 mHz
  • External phase modulation
  • Narrow range-locked sweep
  • New accessory: 9600FLT 1 GHz wide offset phase noise filter

Find out how the Fluke 9640A Series can be the key component in your RF and microwave calibration system:

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