Meriam M4 Series Calibrators Available Now

Meriam M4 Series Calibrators Now Available from Test Equipment Connection

Field Calibration & Data Logging Just Got Easier!  With Meriams M4 Series Pressure & mA Calibrator M400 Best in class accuracy, compact, easy to use and easy to read!

Precisely measure, sink or source DC voltage or current. Selectable (accuracy or precision) display resolution.  Precision feature increases resolution to the right of decimal place. NEW Adaptive Interface Wheel to navigate scroll lists and dial in precise values. Wide selection of pressure ranges for the M401 (Single Pressure Sensor) or M402 (Dual Pressure Sensors). Click Here to Learn More

Log data to dedicated 4GB SD card and retrieve via USB port!

Specifications & Features:

Pressure +0.025% of Reading from 10 to 100% of range and +0.002% of Full Scale below 10% of Range

Electrical (+0.015% of Reading and +0.002 units)
Fully temperature compensated from -20° C to +50° C

Log data for up to 3 channels (1 [M400] or 2 [M402]) pressure, voltage or current – up to 100 individual log files

Free PC application for creating standard .csv files

30+ hours battery life

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