New Handheld Gigabit Ethernet Analyzer

New DADI GEA-8110A Gigabit Ethernet Analyzer

The DADI GEA-8110A Network Tester is an instrument for Ethernet deployment and troubleshooting, which supports 10/100/1000Mbps interfaces, checks wiremap, tests cable length, diagnose cable faults, finds cable location and supports common network test functions. At the same time, this device can test gigabit wire-speed error code and fully evaluate performance index of Ethernet link, which is the indispensable tool for wiring and network maintenance.


  • Link performance test:check link’s error code performance index, support 1000M wire-speed and set long frame, short frame, random frame and PRBS
  • Cable length test:test various cables’ length, such as twisted pair and telephone line
  • Wiremap test:test wiremap of twisted pair, check shielding line and diagnose faults such as open circuit, short circuit and wiremap error
  • Audio line-tracking:produce four different audio signals, cooperate tone generator for wiring
  • Port test:identify port and socket’s service type, such as Ethernet and telephone
  • Flashing port:port indicator of switch or router flashes and locate port connected by network cable
  • Optical power test:test sending or receiving optical power of Ethernet optical package
  • PPPoE function:support PPPoE dial-up and make network test based on PPPoE
  • Network test:support DHCP acquisition function and make connectivity tests such as PING or trace-route
  • Terminal emulation:support FTP download, WEB browsing
  • Data loop back:support data loop back function of physical layer, MAC layer and IP layer
  • Data management:Convenient to copy, check and delete test data, the data can be exported


  • Small and portable: it is smaller and lighter than similar products
  • Convenient operation: colorful high-definition touch screen and Chinese graphical user interface
  • Powerful functions: includes many useful functions such as link performance test, wiring test, port test, network test and terminal emulation
  • Good compatibility: support the mutual test of the same series Ethernet tester in DADI company
  • Powerful battery: built-In large-capacity lithium battery with long endurance time
  • Optimized structure design: test interface’s anti-dust and anti -shock treatment
  • Advanced cooling system: Ensure long and stable operation of the device.


  • Terminal mode test: Use one device to connect socket, cable or network and execute port test, audio line-tracking, cable test, network test etc.

  • Link performance test:use two devices to test and check link’s error code index.

  • Data loop back:the device is in the status of data loop and loops back the received data according to set layer.

Dadi Telecommunication Equipment GEA-8110A Gigabit Ethernet Analyzer is an integrated Ethernet Testing Tool for 10/100/100Mbps Ethernet Installation, Maintenance and Troubleshooting.

DADI GEA-8110A Product Page

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