Save Now on an Excellent Rohde & Schwarz Portable Radiomonitoring Solution

Save Now on an Excellent Rohde & Schwarz Portable Radiomonitoring Solution

The Rohde & Schwarz EB200 is a quality miniport receiver renowned for its reliability. Portable and sturdy, it is commonly used for spectrum monitoring over wide ranges of frequency between 10 KHz and 3GHz. Field proven, it’s a popular choice in its class for signal detection and locating undesired emissions including pulsed emissions.


The EB200 is effective for monitoring and detecting signals that are not licensed. Ease of operation, including receiver functions by remote control, is possible by modem and PC via serial interface. Switching times below 3 ms are achievable via a modern synthesizer technology that offers very low phase noise. Quality memory and frequency scanning is the result. Can also easily double as an equipment signal finder or locator by combining with a handheld directional antenna.

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Ideal For Field or Lab Use

Clients report very positive results. Reliability and longevity are producing high demand for these models. It is considered one of the best in its class, and is frequently used by the military due to its ease of mobility, providing universal in the field capabilities.

The EB200 is lightweight and small, and can be carried along to any location with absolute ease. These units are durable with low failure rates, and are designed for high use making them ideal for buying refurbished. Sturdy construction includes a strong aluminum housing that resists wear and tear. The operating elements are well protected inside the housing. Can be used in remote areas with limited access and no power sources. With this in mind, its low power consumption is ideal. A strong battery life is the result, usually lasting up to 4 hours under normal usage. If you plan to use the device for longer periods, spare battery packs are readily available and are easily interchangeable and portable.


Image1Frequency Scanning Capabilities

The EB200 offers ease of use, good scanning functionality, and excellent speeds. 12 Bandwidths are available on Digital IF from 150Hz to 150KHz. Options include being able to allocate a complete data set by defining a specific frequency range. The data set can include the following parameters; Signal Continuation control, step width, hold time, suppression (individually or by individual frequency), and dwell time.

This is a sophisticated instrument that can detect interference from most unlicensed sources and commonly used for security applications, in addition to monitoring frequencies that you pre-select. This is not a low cost tool for the casual user.


Save Thousands off List Price

Network analyzers have over the years greatly improved the functionality of detecting signals. However, the same basic principles are used today as those that were used in years past. If you are in need of a Rohde & Schwarz EB200, consider purchasing a refurbished one. Buying used test equipment is extremely cost effective, and this model has a solid track record of use in the field and has stood the test of time. In most cases these refurbished units are an excellent alternative to buying new, and offer a big cost savings in addition no down time and instant availability.
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