Spirent on Sale – Ex Rental and Demo Stock – Year End Savings

Spirent on Sale – Ex Rental and Demo Stock – Year End Savings

All items are subject to prior sale:


CEE-2900 Avalanche 2900
CEE-3100 Avalanche 3100
CHS-3U 19 With basepack and RFC tests
CM-10G-S2 2 port 10G CM card. STC Only
CM-1G-D12 12 port 1G card, Avalanche/STC
CM-1G-D4 4 port 1G card, Avalanche/STC
CPU-5002A Avalanche only 1G
CPU-5003A Avalanche only 10G
CV-10G-S8 8 port 10G card STC only
CV-8GFC-S4 4 port Fibre Channel card, STC Only
DX-10G-S32 32 port 10G/1G card STC Only
MSA-1001B 2 port 10G STC Only
MSA-2001B 2 port 10G Card Avalanche, STC
MX-100G-F2 2 port 40/100G STC, Avalanche in 40G only
MX-10G-C8 8 port copper performance STC Card
MX-10G-S2 2 port SFPperformance Avalanche/STC
MX-10G-S8 8 port SFP performance Avalanche/STC
MXP-10G-S8 8 port SFP high performance Avalanche/STC

Contact TEC for a quote on Spirent and learn how to stretch your budget on these items.

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