Televes H30 software update – v1.19 Now Available

Televes H30 software update – v1.19 Now Available

TECC is pleased to announce a new software upgrade for the Televes H30 Meter / Analyzer (v1.19). Please be sure to update your H30 to take advantage of the following new features:


Test port compensation feature added, enter test port attenuation value up to 30dB.
Save datalog now allows the name to be edited before saving.
Logs saved from this version on are an Excel compatible format.


Minor bug fixes and stability improvements, including:

  • Speed Test freezing in some cases
  • Anomylous values occasionally in Learning Plan and System scan
  • Incorrect service type in Service Info in some cases
  • Improved connectivity test in Speed Test
  • Power saving improvements

You can easily update your meters by connecting them to the internet and following these instructions.

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One Response to Televes H30 software update – v1.19 Now Available

  1. Tester says:

    I save a Data log and it saves an image only, can’t get the csv file which I want. Can’t log the full system, only channel by channel. Come on. What is up with that. And it is Software version 1.24 now. Any new updates?

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