Televes H45 Software Update

The latest software release for the Televes H45 System Analyzer series (v1.69). Please be sure you update your H45 to take advantage of all these exciting new features:

  • Display of the modulation parameters in combo mode screen for encrypted signals.
  • Auto-lock feature on 8PSK carriers (including macros) with improved speed locking on Dish Network HD transponders.
  • Extended spectrum analyzer range now starting at 2MHz for easier DirecTV’s SWiM systems troubleshooting.
  • Improved C/N measurements for tightly adjacent QAM channels.
  • Increased LNB powering current levels.
  • Updated channel plans for DirecTV and Dish Network satellites.
  • Minor fixes and stability improvements.

Along with this update also released is a new version of the H-Suite software that improves the edition of check quality mark thresholds.

Both updates are compatible with the all H45 versions and can be downloaded from the direct download links below:

Televes H45 software v1.69 –

Televes H-Suite software v1.24 –

Televes H45-599304
Televes H45 Advance Premium System Analyzer with MPEG4, HDMI, Fiber Optics (USA Version)

Televes H45-599301
Televes H45 Advance HD System Analyzer with MPEG4, HDMI (USA Version)

Televes H45-5993
Televes Field Strength Meters H45 Advance System Analyzer (USA Version)
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