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The New Leaptronix IWT-5000A Impulse Winding Tester

The Leaptronix IWT-5000A winding tester is a coil (such as voltage transformer, inductance, motor) testing instrument that tests self-insulating property of the coil. The influences of winding materials, magnetic materials, and framework, also extra fabrication decreases the insulating property of coil layers along with the jumpers and jacks. The IWT-5000A adopts the technology of high-speed sampling rate to store the sample waveform of the standard (master) coil in the instrument. By comparing the waveform results of the test coil to the master, the defect in the DUT can be found easily. Moreover, the IWT-5000A judges the quality of the testing coil according to the parameter set by the user.

Leaptronix IWT-5000A Impulse Winding Tester Features:

● 200V~5000V programmable impulse voltage, it is capable of low-energy testing, without damaging the coil.
● High-speed sampling rate of 100MHz, which enhances the testing ability for partial discharges.
● 320 x 240 color LCD display clearly for the user to view waveform and test results.
● User-friendly operation interface.
● Low inductance during impulse testing, minimum to 0.2uH.
● 4 kinds of detection modes: AreaSize Comparison, DiffZone Comparison, Corona Amount Comparison, and Corona Number Comparison.
● The comparative result shows Pass/Fail directly, informing operators the detect test result within a short period of time.
● Offer measurement functions for voltages, timing and frequencies, which provide user a carry-out analysis in detail.
● Able to save 360 sets of standard waveform result of the coil for users to download and implement into testing.
● RS-232 to PC connection. Just using standard text command, you can write control program and data for communication easily. It’s the best way to set up the testing system for mass production.
● USB 2.0 interface to connect with PC for users to upload or download the parameters of waveforms results.
● Control function for external I/O, such as the Handler adopts standard D SUB 9-pin connector for connecting with automatic or semi-auto testing system.
● Self-calibration function

Leaptronix IWT-5000A Impulse Winding Tester

Leaptronix IWT-5000 Impulse Winding Component Tester

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