Agilent 8714ET Network Analyzer Review

Agilent 8714ET Network Analyzer Review

The Agilent 8714ET is a versatile RF network analyzer designed for a broad array of testing applications. Designed for both narrowband and broadband detection, it can capably perform test and measure both in the field and the lab. This versatile analyzer combines a RF source, transmission test set, receiver, and display in one easy to use tester. It offers a 100 dB full dynamic range, and is a cost effective solution for testing exercises in the 300 kHz-3GHz frequency range.


The 8714ET network analyzer offers suitable real-time sweep speeds enabling operators to carry out various RF testing exercises easily and quickly. It is designed to provide users with a speed of 40 ms/sweep and it features a T/R test set for multipurpose testing. Many testing applications in the field and the lab may require synthesized sources. The 8714ET analyzer provides the technician with a 1-Hz resolution source, and can be used without the need to couple with external sources.

Many RF testing exercises require test equipment that can be easily connected to standard networks. The Agilent 8714ET features a standard LAN interface, allowing operators to easily connect to LAN networks in most test situations. This feature finds numerous applications in servicing, troubleshooting, and maintenance of RF networks. The analyzer also offers a standard IBASIC feature that enhances functionality when testing. The 8714ET comes with standard 2-port, 6-port, and 12-port test sets and is ideally suited for servicing and maintenance of RF networks.

Simplified Troubleshooting Features

The function set of the Agilent 8714ET can be selected by either front panel softkey or hardkey menus. All results can be easily printed and also saved to several different memory options. Troubleshooting is simplified by use of the embedded service diagnostic functions. Data averaging and measurement calibration of external standards offer excellent performance and versatility.

View the Agilent 8714ET User Guide

The transmission/reflection test set of the 8714ET allows a complete range of phase and magnitude measurements. Operators can use two standard channels of this built-in feature to measure and display device parameters. Users can also use this feature to measure and display transmission and reflection of a network in various formats. It offers various formats including SWR, complex impedance, and delay on polar, rectangular, or even Smith-chart displays.

In order to improve measurement accuracy, the 8714ET network analyzer uses advanced vector-error-correction methods. These techniques ensure that the measurements obtained from this testing solution are precise and reliable.

Learn more about Complex Impedance

75-Ohm and 50-Ohm Versions

Many testing situations will require a broad array of power levels, especially for testing active components and devices. Option 1E1 ensures that this kind of output power is available by adding a 60 dB step-attenuator. This comes as a standard feature, and it is capable of extending minimum power-setting to approximately -60 dBm. In addition, 75-ohm and 50-ohm versions of this feature are available. These powerful offerings make the Agilent 8714ET analyzer popular with customers for a wide range of testing applications. Its multi-purpose design makes it a great choice if needing a quality RF analyzer.

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