Anritsu S361E Sitemaster Cable and Antenna Analyzer Review

Anritsu S361E Sitemaster Cable and Antenna Analyzer Review

The Anritsu S361E is a compact cable and antenna analyzer that excels in the testing of wireless communications applications. This high quality analyzer is specifically designed for rapidly evolving networks. The site Master S361E is an ideal tool for field exercises involving 4G networks and its predecessors. In is also an excellent solution when servicing base stations.


The S361E is modeled to withstand harsh field environment enabling operators to apply it virtually anywhere. It enhances productivity in a variety cable and antenna field measurements. Its advanced features set includes easy to use Test Tools that are ideal for creating, delivering and displaying work instructions.

Problem Solving Functions

Technicians will appreciate its ability it to identify problems in a communications network quickly and easily. It measures DTF and return loss accurately, allowing the user to identify antenna and cable problems instantly. These tests are very useful for identifying pinched cables, problematic cables, lightning strikes, corroded connectors, and badly positioned antennas in a wireless communication network. The Site Master S361E is also suitable for VSWR and return loss measurements on antennas and cables and capably performs automatic cable loss calculations.

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Distance-to-fault measurements are necessary for troubleshooting and locating problems in a system. The Anritsu S361E utilizes Fast Fourier Transforms for frequency to time domain conversion of data. Signal anomalies are displayed relative to distance making it easy to identify the exact location of a problem. Its trace math feature makes it possible for technicians to monitor slight changes over time. Moreover, the compact S361E Site Master is designed to support various 2-port transmission measurements making it ideally suited for installation and maintenance exercises involving duplexers, diplexers, filters, and tower-mounted amplifiers. By using this capability, operators can measure insertion loss, gain, and isolation of a system. This feature also allows verification of sector-to-sector isolation.


Easy to Use Dual Display Feature

The 2 MHz-6 GHz cable and antenna analyzer features a dual display designed to allow users to view two different measurements at the same time and increases productivity during their measurement exercises. The S361E Site master also performs well when tuning antennas and phase matching cables by use of its measurement display capability. In addition, it features a Smith Chart display that enhances this functionality. The interactive keyboard, menu options, and touch screen are very intuitive and easy to use.

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Anritsu’s InstaCal module is modeled to allow accurate calibration for reliable and precise field measurements. In addition, the Site Master features Open-Short-Load calibration that is capable of removing directivity, source match, and frequency response errors. The OSL calibration allows technicians to achieve precise vector-corrected measurements. The S361E Site Master has RF immunity capability that allows operators to obtain accurate measurements in the presence of background RF activities. The analyzer also features a useful power meter that is ideal for a wide range of applications Its channel power measurement can quickly determine the power of a transmission channel. The high-accuracy power meter is also ideal for measuring power density and RMS.

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