The Agilent 8114A High Power Pulse Product Review

The Agilent 8114A High Power Pulse Product Review

The Agilent 8114A is a powerful programmable pulse generator that is designed for quick and precise characterization and testing. It adeptly achieves this by offering clean, repeatable, and reliable pulse waveforms in a technician friendly interface. Engineered to offer full programmability and easy operation, it will productively maximize test efficiency by shortening test and characterization time.

The 8114A 100 V/2 A is suitable for both bench and system-based test applications. It is designed to offer 7 ns transitions and a repetition rate of 15 MHz. This pulse generator can deliver a variable pulse width and a variable pulse baseline of ± 25 V.  The 8114A 100 V/2 A provides the user with a 3 digit resolution and SCPI programming commands.

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The Agilent 8114A pulse generator also supports external triggering and gating. Apart from offering quick setup and operation settings, the 8114A supports automation of tests which maximizes testing efficiency. The intelligent design enables operators to store and recall settings quickly and helps increase test productivity. It is also optimized for generating repeatable and accurate pulses.

Excellent Performance In All Triggering Modes

The smartly designed generator will capably allow users to achieve impressive test throughput in a system set-up, and assists to efficiently integrate with a wide selection of test instruments. To ensure smooth integration into diverse automated test systems, the 8114A 100 V/2 A offers SCPI command programmability, ease of physical integration, and repeatable pulses for a large range of temperatures, which ultimately makes obtaining reliable measurements a simple matter. It is designed to generate clean pulses and to offer excellent pulse performance in all triggering modes. Operators are able to freely vary the trigger modes and other test parameters without compromising the quality of the pulses.

It is possible to gate the 8114A with a manual trigger key or through an external signal. This design characteristic together with its capability of generating double-pulses per period enables users to obtain a wide range of pulses that are synchronized to a preferred external signal. The accuracy and repeatability offered by the 8114A gives technicians the ability to focus more on results rather than the measurements.

Feature Rich

With the easy to read graphic display, the user can access all pulse parameters on the 8 available parameter screens and select by either soft keys, data panel or selector knob. Settings can be saved with memory cards or with internal memory (9 locations). The parameters programmable via remote by either GP-IB or SCPI command.

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Other features of note include an adjustable duty cycle, current, and voltage limits to protect the devices under test from accidental damage. In addition, its rack mount kits and rear panel connectors are designed to enable users to install this pulse generator into a rack-based system. Users are able to easily set pulse levels using current or voltage, allowing for testing of a numerous range of devices by utilizing the option that individually suits them. The 8114A will also give operators the ability to set their expected load impedances.

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