Willtek / Aeroflex Mobile Phone Testers

Save on Willtek / Aeroflex Mobile Phone Testers

If you have software written for the Willtek line of mobile phone testers then we have several units in stock you may have interest in. When Willtek was acquired by Aeroflex in late 2010 they continued to manufacture, support and re brand some of these of products. One such mobile phone tester is the Willtek 4403.

Off Lease Single User Willtek 4403 for Sale

Aeroflex is now producing the 4403 under the Aeroflex brand. Our Willtek units have upgraded to Aeroflex OS and the newest firmware. The outside equipment case may have the Willtek logo, but the splash screen displays Aeroflex. These are current Aeroflex upgraded units at a significant savings. Options include CDMA2000, 1xEV-DO, 4400-CDMA and OXCO. Can these be upgraded to perform 4G testing? Sorry no 4G testing upgrades are available for these 3G models. Aeroflex continues to support the 4403 and a date of discontinue has not been determined for them. Since not all companies need 4G test capability, one can buy these at a fraction of list price. We also have the Willtek 4921 RF Shield box and the related 4916 antenna coupler for turn key wireless testing and production.


The Willtek 2201 is Perfect for Repair Shops

This user friendly ProLock instrument is for GSM, GPRS and WCDMA repair, depending on options. This is a 3G instrument, if you require 4G it falls short as well. Connectors on the back of this tester allows for a clean workbench eliminating cabling confusion in front. Accessories include the antenna coupler and shield box profiled above.  Recommended by many mobile phone vendors such as RIM for BlackBerry device testing and very popular for easy, simple Go/NO GO testing. All firmware can be updated to the current Rev level at no additional cost.

The 4400M Tester is Dedicated to GSM

The Wavetek / Willtek 4400M is a low price tester for small cell phone repair shops. When Aeroflex purchased Willtek, these Wavetek branded testers came along from a previous acquisition to round out the family of 3G products. Whatever your budget, we can fill the need and can also offer a lease to own program to smooth out your payments. We have more 4200 and 4300 Series testers to choose from including the 4201, 4202 and 4303. These mobile phone testers are approved by vendors such as Motorola, HTC, Nokia and Samsung, with many of these companies assisting in the design and actual product development.

So What 4G Testers are Replacing These?

The front-runner replacement for 4G mobile device test is the more expensive but excellent R&S CMW500 as previously highlighted in this blog. As of this date, Aeroflex has not announced successor units or hardware updates that can be used for low cost LTE device test. But the demand for 3G testers still is present, driven by the needs of developing countries where the mobile phone per capita percentage is low as compared to more developed countries with higher per capita usage. For a first time user, 3G speeds and features are a wonderful experience.

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  1. LTEtester says:

    Hi Mike,
    Aeroflex does have a LTE tester for Service applications that can be used as an upgrade for the Willtek boxes. Read this: http://www.aeroflex.com/ats/products/prodfiles/prodinfo/Aeroflex_7100_Service_Test_iss_1.pdf

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