Tabor WS8352 Pulse Generator Review

Tabor WS8352 Pulse Generator Review

Designed to grow with and meet the needs of today’s technicians and engineers, the Tabor WS8352 model offers very fast high performance functionality that combines nicely with its impressive feature set. This is a quality dual channel 350 mhz pulse generator and has received  many strong performance reviews from our customers.


The WS8352 is loaded with exceptional functionality, making it a solid choice if considering a pulse generator. Excellent design has been incorporated within the unit, including a 2 GS/s clock which is loaded with 512K memory and offers a range to 4Vpp max output into 50 ohms. It can easily generate a big variety of advanced waveforms at excellent speed levels.With the ability to control the value of every single point , the user can easily achieve any waveform that is required. This combined with the smart, compact design features allows for multiple testing with just one instrument. The result is increasing the technicians productivity and efficiency while enjoying  the cost saving  benefit from not needing additional testing equipment.

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Highly Precise and Software Driven

Highly precise pulses with expansive pattern composition can be achieved with the included PulseComposer pattern/pulse software. The software offers many different modes including an arbitrary bit design, different level patterns, PAM (n), and transition times that can be customized. RZ or NRZ modes are utilized to reach data rates up to 350MBit/s. Other points to note include the standard equipped internal frequency reference that is accurate and stable  to 1ppm over a 12 month period. At the rear panel, external frequency reference is available for instances requiring more stability or increased accuracy.


With the Tabor WS8352, all in one functionality is clearly evident throughout the design.  The  operator gets the best of both worlds by having either a single or a dual channel unit at your fingertips. The two available output channels can either synchronize or operate independently to meet any specific need. Space is maximally utilized by combining this functionality in one easy to use package.

A large viewable screen makes observing your waveform output is a simple task. The WS8352′s brilliant, easy to read LCD 4 inch color display speeds the updating and viewing of parameters,  available menus, and any other vital information that may be required for the waveform output. Also of note are the numeric keypad and controllable cursor positioning via the front panel which really simplifies a usually difficult user operation.

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Remote Control Functionality

The excellent remote capabilities of the Tabor WS8352 are widely acknowledged and offer the technician multiple options as standard. The interface offerings for connecting include GPIB, Ethernet and USB and can meet any number of requirements when using remotely. Design of waveforms is substantially simplified by the editorial function tool and gives complete control of the advanced feature set and instrument functionality and modes.

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